Garage Door Cables: All You Need to Know

Garage door cables are essential for opening and closing your garage door. If you have a broken cable, it will be impossible or difficult to safely open or close the garage door until you replace it with a new one. It goes without saying that this task should always be performed by certified Santee garage door springs repair professionals.

In the following article, we will answer some common questions about garage door cables and provide you with crucial guidelines on what to do if your garage door cables break or malfunction in some other way. Read on to learn more.

Can you open a garage door with a broken cable?

Most garage doors have an emergency system that still enables them to be opened even with a broken cable. If your garage door is made of steel and it’s less than 25 years old, then you will likely be able to do this even if it only has one or two working cables.

However, if your garage door has wood panels instead of metal ones then you won’t be able to open it at all unless every single cable works. This is because wooden doors require more strength to be opened and they don’t have the shelving to take some of the stress off.

If your cable breaks on a steel garage door, then the best way to fix it is by replacing that single broken cable. With wood panels there are other options, such as using a rope or wire to manually raise the door. You could also replace all five wooden dowels, but be sure they’re long enough for each end to reach the pulley system.

When should I replace my garage door cables?

You should replace your cables once they start to wear down or if you see any physical damage on them – in other words, if your garage door isn’t working properly. A cable is due for replacement when it starts to sag, squeak, or make noises while the garage door opens and closes. While you’re at it, you should also check to see if the springs may be broken.

How much does it cost to fix a broken cable on a garage door?

Putting in new cables will depend on what type of material your original ones were made of. Most often they are between $75-$150 per side, depending on how many springs need to be replaced as well. The good news is, reputable garage door companies offer free, no-strings-attached estimates, so you can easily get a quote. 

Where can I schedule a top-quality Santee garage door springs repair service?

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