6 Signs Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

The garage door is one of the gates of your home. If you do not take care and do not maintain it, you may one day notice that they do not work. A couple of things can cause the door not to open or close, and just one of the reasons may be a broken spring. If you missed common telltale signs of a broken spring and do not know what the next step is, it would be wise to contact a reputable garage door springs repair company in Santee.

However, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the possible reasons behind a broken garage door. Maybe you did not change the springs on a regular basis and did nothing to extend the life of your garage door springs. Another reason could be that you have problems with the garage door because the cable is broken. Continue reading and find out more about the most common telltale signs of a broken garage door spring.

What happens if a garage door spring breaks?

Over time, traces of use become more visible and serious, so even the best garage systems become prone to malfunctions. These are the signs that the spring is broken:

1. The door is deformed

In some cases, the door can work despite a broken spring. It depends on how heavy the door is and how many springs it has, that is, how many springs are broken. You may notice this when raising or lowering the door that it bends to one side, as the weight is not nicely and evenly distributed.

2. The door is bent at the top

Also, when you open the door and notice a dent on the top panel – be sure your spring is broken. The power of the door opener itself is not great enough to lift these panels.

3. The door falls fast

When the spring breaks, the weight of the garage door is no longer nicely distributed and therefore the door cannot be lowered and raised smoothly. It can happen that suddenly the door goes crashing down at high speed.

4. There are loose cables

A broken garage door spring can lead to other problems, such as loose cables. You can easily notice them because they will be visibly loose and almost hang from the ceiling.

5. Loud noise from the garage

Sometimes, you can hear a strange and loud sound coming from your garage, and even a detailed inspection will not reveal its source. Carefully check the spring, because when it breaks, it suddenly makes a terribly loud noise when unwinding, even if the garage door is closed.

6. There is a gap in the spring

If your spring is not entirely in the windings from one end to the other and you see that there is a gap in the windings then it is a definite sign that the spring has broken.

How do you close a garage door with a broken spring?

Be very careful and take care because the door is extremely heavy. It is not advisable to try it alone, or even with a friend, and it is always safest to invite professionals to resolve this problem. Be careful not to pinch your fingers and slowly lower the door, keeping it from falling.

Who should I call when I need garage door maintenance in Santee?


Garage doors must be regularly and adequately maintained in order to remain operational for as long as possible. If they do not behave and function properly, this can be seen as a safety and security hazard, whether due to poor maintenance, repair or installation. Why not leave the job to experienced professionals while you and your family visit the Santee Boulders and have a good time.

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