Is the Size of Your Garage Door Springs Important?

Attempting to fix or install a garage door without the help of a professional El Cajon garage door springs repair service is one of the most dangerous things a homeowner can do. Although most homeowners know this and are aware of the dangers, there are still cases of serious injuries. 

DIY installation carries other risks, too. For example, if you install the wrong type of garage door springs, it is not only a potential safety hazard, but it can also be costly to fix and lead to time-consuming malfunctions. It’s crucial to choose the size and length of your spring wisely, and experts can help you with this. 

If you aren’t sure how to choose your springs, the best you can do is to leave garage door spring repair to the experts. Your garage door will thank you! Read on to find out just how important the size of the spring is while you’re waiting for your appointment with the experts.

How do I know what size my garage door springs are?

If you need to replace your garage door springs, one of the key things you need to know before you go to the store is the diameter of the spring itself.  Basically, this is very quick and easy to establish, because most garage doors have a label or engraving on them where such information can be found.

Here you can find two numeric values ​​that are 2.0 or 1.75 and they indicate that the diameter of the spring is 2 inches or 1.75 inches. If there is no label, it means that you will have to find out for yourself.

Here’s a useful tip: place the spring on a flat surface and pass a tape measure or ruler through it. This will give you only the inside diameter of the spring.

How to measure garage door springs?

Simply put, the size of the wire is the thickness of the wire used to make the spring. One of the problems that occurs with this measurement is rust and paint that can accumulate on the wire over the years and increase its volume. One of the best and simplest ways to measure a spring is to measure it partially, by 10 or 20 coils and then add them to the total length.

While the doors are in operation and working, the coils rub against each other and are therefore much less susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, the measurements in groups of 10 or 20 coils are quite accurate.

In order for the measurements to be accurate, keep in mind that there should be no gaps between the coils, but they should be compressed.

Take one end of the tape measure and insert it between the two coils. Then stretch the tape to the point where the 10th and 11th coils meet. Carefully measure up to 1/16 inch. Record all measurements on paper.

Then, repeat the same procedure, only with a group of 20 coils. In the end, you should get exactly double the length in relation to the group of 10 coils. If deviations occur, start the entire measurement process over.

Where can I schedule a first-rate El Cajon garage door springs repair service?

A quality garage door is an essential part of your house that affects the look of your home and increases its value, saves you time, protects your belongings, and improves your and your family’s safety. For example, poorly tuned tension can lead to damage to the garage door, expensive repairs, and a dramatically shorter lifespan. For these reasons, you should always have your garage doors installed and maintained by a reliable company like Dlouhy Doors.

In addition to the full range of garage door services, we also have 24/7 emergency teams in El Cajon that can quickly show up at your doorstep. Leave the hard work to experienced professionals, while you and your family spend a wonderful day at Parkway Plaza. Call us now!