Your Guide to the Types of Garage Door Springs

Are there different types of garage door springsSprings are often a neglected part of a garage door system. When you think about the garage door, you think about the door itself. However, springs are an essential part of the garage door, which keeps it functioning smoothly if maintained properly.

They are the parts that keep the garage door in working order, opening and closing it safely at your command. Because they’re such an important factor when it comes to the safety of your door, you should definitely contact professionals if you notice any signs of malfunction.

To prevent safety concerns and put your mind at ease, it’s important for every part of your door to work properly. That’s why professionals in garage door springs repair in El Cajon are here. Read on for an expert rundown of spring types and learn more about this key feature.

Are there different types of garage door springs?

It’s a little difficult to decide when your springs need replacement and which ones to buy because you need to know some key parameters before we do so. However, there are several tips for buying garage door springs which make it a lot easier.

There are two main types: extension springs and torsion springs. These are then divided into subtypes, which have different advantages and disadvantages.

Extension springs

Extension springs can be open looped, double looped, and with clipped ends.

Open looped extension springs

They’re called “open looped” because there’s no need to open the eyebolt or remove the pulley to change them. Garage door experts have no difficulty replacing these when there’s a malfunction.

However, they do need to replace the whole spring when a part gets broken. That’s why most professionals recommend springs with clipped ends.

Extension springs with clipped ends

These are garage door springs that can endure the most because of the clips at their ends. Having clips reduces the stress on the spring exerted by the force extending it. This is why this type lasts the longest. 

The only disadvantage of garage door extension springs with clipped ends is that they are very difficult to change. However, the safety of your garage door is crucial and this type of spring ensures it. 

Double looped extension springs

They’re called “double looped” springs because they have two looped coils at each end. This is what strengthens their resistance. These two coils are attached to the pulley and the eyebolt. They are much stronger than open looped springs.

However, double looped garage door extension springs are not as strong or durable as the ones with clipped ends.

Torsion springs

The other main type of springs, called torsion springs, come in a variety of subtypes:

  • Torque Master torsion springs: The coils of these springs are inside a shaft and a winding cone holds them together, which is what makes them the safest torsion springs out there. They are tightened using a power drill. 
  • Steel rolling door torsion springs:  There’s a torsion barrel that surrounds the springs, which is used to support the rolling door.
  • EZ-set torsion springs: They’re like standard torsion springs, but they have different pieces of hardware on the shaft ends. Also, they get mounted onto the middle of the shaft.
  • Standard torsion springs: These sit above the garage door, and there’s a shaft that supports the springs and goes through the middle of the door.

All of these contribute to the balanced and smooth operation of your garage door. This is what garage door spring tension is responsible for. So, if you see that the door is closing or opening unevenly, call an expert.

What is the difference between torsion spring and extension springWhat is the difference between torsion spring and extension spring?

Extension springs absorb energy and try to resist the pulling force. When the garage door closes, it pulls the extension springs. The springs then store the energy, supporting the weight of the door so that they can easily pull it back when it needs to open.

The torsion spring tightens as the garage door closes and expands to its original size when the door opens. These springs support the weight of the garage door. If they need replacement, there’s a complete guide to measuring garage door springs to help you know what to buy.

Who should I call when I need garage door springs repair in El Cajon?

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