Make Your Garage Door Run Smoothly in 4 Steps

How do I make my garage door run smootherIt’s a terrible thing when your garage door doesn’t work properly. It is an opening in your house that leads to the outside world. It may as well be the most important door on your home. That’s why you need to make sure it runs smoothly.

Imagine coming back exhausted after a long day at work and having to deal with scraping, squeaking, grinding, or clinking noises. It may even give your neighbors a solid reason to complain!

By having qualified technicians perform regular check-ups on your garage door, you won’t have to worry about these little stress-inducers. In San Diego, CA, garage door maintenance service providers know just the right things to do to make your garage door run like a charm. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll have a smooth-running door.

How do I make my garage door run smoother?

1. Lubricate the springs

Garage door springs are an integral part of your garage door. Make sure that they are all lubed up as they move every time you open or close the door. Don’t use too much lubricant as you wouldn’t want it to drip everywhere.

If it’s not lubricated properly, you might hear a squealing sound. If you’ve lubricated it and the sound is still there, you should call a professional to take a look. Popping is also one of the noises you should be concerned about.

With adequate and timely lubrication of the springs, there’s nothing to worry about. Your door will continue to run smoothly day in and day out.

2. Lubricate the hinges and rollers

By lubricating the hinges and rollers properly, you won’t encounter a squeaking or grinding sound, or a vibration in your garage door. Inadequately lubricated rollers and hinges usually cause a lot of commotion.

It’s also important to check if some of the rollers are loose. If you suspect that they are, you might need to call a professional for a check-up. It’s not uncommon to hear a grinding noise due to improper installation of the rollers.

Lubrication and tightening up loose parts may seem easy, but if done incorrectly, they might cause a lot of damage in the future. The best advice is to reach out to a professional that can handle this without much effort.

3. Frays are a concern

Any frayed cable on any machine or gadget is a major concern. It doesn’t lead to serious damage unless you touch it. However, it does cause your door to malfunction. The most common sign of a frayed cable is a crooked garage door.

Covering frayed cables with tape might be a solution, but it’s not a long-lasting one. If there’s superficial damage, it’s possible to do so, but you should actually think about replacing the whole cable.

A garage door maintenance professional’s hand might just be the right thing your door needs at this point. Don’t put budget over safety. Safety is the most important thing.

4. Safety comes first

Many automatic garage doors have safety features. A safety feature for a garage door is a sensor that detects if there’s something in the way of the door when it’s closing. The door automatically starts opening if it encounters something on the way down.

It’s important that this feature works to avoid any mishaps. You can test it by putting a piece of wood or brick at the center of your door opening, and try closing the door. If it reverts within 30 seconds, everything is fine. If it doesn’t, it’s time to call a professional to get that fixed.

Which San Diego, CA Garage Door Maintenance Service Should I CallWhich San Diego, CA Garage Door Maintenance Service Should I Call?

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