How to Maintain Your Garage Door the Right Way?

Do garage doors need regular maintenanceKnowing how to maintain your garage door the right way lets you avoid unnecessary nuisances. Do not neglect it, because that leads to rusty tracks, cracks, annoying noises, etc. Like all things, a garage door needs proper care and maintenance.

Garage door maintenance experts in San Diego give you insightful information on the topic. You’ll know the hows and whats of garage door maintenance and won’t need to worry. Here are some things you should know.

So the questions you’re asking yourself are: do garage doors need regular maintenance? How often should you maintain your garage door? What maintenance does a garage door need? Read on to find out.

Do garage doors need regular maintenance?

The answer is yes. If your car needs it, so does your garage. Garage door maintenance on a regular basis is the best thing you can do for yourself. No squeaking sounds, no loud street noises, and no half-open/half-shut situations.

Don’t let this happen. The more you postpone the maintenance, the more problems arise. The next thing you know, your garage door opener isn’t working properly, there’s a draft inside the garage, and sometimes it’s even wet.

Regular maintenance is important. With your garage door working smoothly, every arrival from out of town or work is a pleasure. This is what garage door maintenance experts are here to do. The next important question is how often.

How often do garage doors need maintenance?

At least once a year. If you want to be completely sure everything is working properly, a regular maintenance check is necessary. Make sure to time them properly according to upcoming weather conditions.

This way you can ensure preventive maintenance of your garage door. Garage door maintenance is easy to time appropriately. The Mediterranean climate makes the summers short, hot, and dry, and the winters wet, cloudy, and longer. 

The best thing to do is to plan for before-the-season maintenance as it offers the possibility to do a regular check and prepare for certain weather conditions. There’s still a question of what type of maintenance you should do. No worries, garage door maintenance experts highlight the most common types.

What are different types of garage door maintenance?

Here are the most common types of maintenance your garage door needs:

  • Door balancing – up and down movement of the garage door when it’s half-way open often indicates that it needs balancing. If you come across this situation, reach out to an expert ASAP.
  • Roller and hinge maintenance – these need regular servicing as they tend to crack and split, and they need to be in good condition for smooth door performance.
  • Bottom and weather sealing – it’s a terrible thing to have a draft inside when everything is closed. The bottom seal needs to be maintained regularly to ensure this never happens. Plus, make sure that the garage is weather proof. Remember, weather conditions can cause most malfunctions.
  • Lubrication – prevents terrible noises and different parts of the door from malfunctioning. It’s important to lubricate regularly as it makes your door perform without problems and maintains its most important parts.
  • Cable maintenance – cables are as important as any other part of the garage door, with use and time they wear out. It’s important to do a regular check to prevent this from happening.
  • Spring maintenance – depending on how frequently you use your garage door, the springs can also falter, creating a situation where the door is not closing or opening properly. It’s a great thing that they can be replaced without replacing other parts.

These types of maintenance should be done regularly, and if you encounter any problems with these, you should reach out to a garage door service. Luckily, garage door maintenance professionals are within your reach.

Who should I call when I need garage door maintenance in San Diego?

How often do garage doors need maintenanceWhen you’re thinking about car maintenance, you call an expert to maintain your car. It should be the same when it comes to your garage door. Make sure that your garage door performs smoothly, and that you can enjoy every return home.

Here at Dlouhy Doors, we can proudly call ourselves the top garage door maintenance experts in San Diego. We can provide you with free on-site estimates and meet all your garage door maintenance, repair, and installation needs. Maintaining your garage door for us is like taking a stroll through Balboa Park would be for you.