What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Cables Break?

Can I open a garage door with a broken cableMost automatic garage doors have cables on both sides. The purpose of these cables is to lower and lift the door by transmitting the energy from one or more garage door springs to the door itself. If a cable snaps or slips out of a drum, your garage door will not work and may even fall down.

So what should you do if one of your cables breaks? Can you still use a garage door that has one or more broken cables? Can you perform garage door cable repair yourself, or do you need to call a licensed contractor in San Diego?

We previously explained the ins and outs of garage door cables and how to determine when it’s time to replace your garage door cables. Now we’ll provide you with some pointers on what to do if the cables on your door break or become frayed. Read on to learn more.

Can I open a garage door with a broken cable?

It’s strongly advised that you do not attempt to use a garage door that has a broken or loose cable. Doing so places a huge amount of tension on the remaining cables, and may cause them to snap and send the door crashing down on top of whatever or whoever is underneath it.

If the problematic cable has caused your door to become stuck in an open position, you should call emergency garage door repair technicians and stay there until they arrive. If this isn’t possible, and you can’t leave your home exposed, you’ll have to cut the remaining cable to close the door.

If you decide to do this, make sure there are at least 3-4 other adults there who can hold the door and gently lower it to the ground after you cut the cable.

Common signs of damaged or broken garage door cables include:

  • The door is crooked and unbalanced
  • The door is shaking, squeaking, or otherwise operating in an unusual manner
  • The door has crashed to the floor
  • The door is stuck in place and won’t go up or down

How do I fix the cable on my garage door?

If you haven’t been trained in and have first-hand experience with garage door repair, you should always leave these sorts of repairs to the professionals. DIY garage door installation and repair causes thousands of emergency room visits every year, with many of them stemming from attempted spring or cable repairs.

Even if you’re able to successfully replace a garage door cable, there’s still a significant risk that you won’t be able to properly adjust the spring tension and perform other crucial tasks that are required to ensure your door meets the relevant safety standards.

When checking your garage door cables, make sure to:

  • Check the cables for kinks or signs of fraying
  • Check the pulleys for signs of wear and tear
  • Follow any frays you find until you get to the cause of the damage
  • Keep the cables clean and clear any debris
  • Make sure the cables are properly lubricated and that the lubricant isn’t dirty

garage door cable repairWhere can I book an expert garage door cable repair service in San Diego?

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