4 Tips for Buying Garage Door Springs

Which expert garage door spring repair service in El Cajon should I callYour garage door should be up to code at all times. Malfunctions with it can cause a lot of stress. Imagine returning from work to park your car in your garage and the door just doesn’t work properly.

These situations can be extremely annoying. That’s why your garage door should be regularly maintained and tuned. This means that all parts of the garage door system must work like a well-oiled machine, including the springs that are commonly neglected.

Spring replacement can be tricky. But, it’s even more complicated to choose the appropriate spring type for your garage door. So, experts on garage door springs repair service in El Cajon decided to shed some light on the matter.

How do I know what garage door spring to buy?

It’s a good question, and the answer is simple, but it involves a little work on your end. However, if you wish to avoid the time-consuming decision-making process, feel free to contact the professionals. 

Now, when trying to figure out what garage door spring to buy, you can do a few things to make the process easier:

  • Determine the type of springs you need.
  • Measure and weigh the garage door.
  • Measure the springs.
  • Identify the spring’s color code.

Determining the spring type

You’ll be choosing between two different types: torsion and extension springs. One of the common issues with springs is the tension. When the garage door spring tension is not adjusted, it causes the door to move unevenly. There’s a chance that the tension needs adjustment in both types of springs. Leave this to the experts for maximized results.

Measuring and weighing the garage door

It’s easy to determine the type you need by measuring the size and weight of the door. Determining the height and width is easy, but measuring weight is a little more complex. The easiest way would be to release the springs and let the full weight of the garage door rest on a scale that you place under it. To avoid injury or damage to the door, it’s always advisable to call an expert.

Measuring the springs

To measure the springs, you need to take into account a few parameters, like spring length, wire size, the diameter, the wind, etc. Make sure to check out the complete guide to measuring garage door springs. This can really come in handy. Alternatively, contact an experienced professional to measure them for you.

Identifying the spring’s color code

For extension springs, you only need to identify the color code. It goes from the lowest supported weight to the highest:

  • 100 pounds – tan
  • 110 pounds – white
  • 120 pounds – green
  • 130 pounds – yellow
  • 140 pounds – blue
  • 150 pounds – red
  • 160 pounds – brown
  • 170 pounds – orange
  • 180 pounds – gold
  • 190 pounds – light blue

This color coding system is a life saver for any garage door service. It helps the experts easily understand the lifting power of the springs necessary for your door. And improving your garage door is a significant home improvement.

How do I know what garage door spring to buyWhich expert garage door spring repair service in El Cajon should I call?

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