How To Make Your Garage Door Safe for Your Pets

Can a garage door hurt a cat or a dogWhen living with pets, you’re not just responsible for the safety of your children. You also need to look after your furry friends, and one of the biggest threats to their well-being is your garage door. The unit can slam shut and severely injure them, so how do you prevent this? 

You’ll find out in this article. The go-to experts in Poway garage door opener repair will tell you how to make your garage door pet-safe. Read on!

Can a garage door hurt a cat or a dog? 

You sometimes keep your garage door open to let your pets enter and exit your home more easily. This can be extremely dangerous. Garage doors feature springs that keep the structures from slamming the ground. Tightly wound, they use constant tension to stabilize the door until you fully open or close your unit with a remote. 

Over time, the springs deteriorate due to wear and tear, so they have to work twice as hard. This weakens the system and makes the structure more likely to slam down and seriously injure your pet or even a person.

The risk is even higher if your photo sensor isn’t working. If so, nothing can stop the door from closing in on an animal and trapping it underneath.

Can you put a pet door in a garage door? 

Modern garage doors are a tremendous upgrade over the simple units back in the day. You can now add not just a man door, but also a pet door. However, this isn’t such a great idea unless the unit is designed to incorporate one. Otherwise, it’s a makeshift solution that doesn’t improve safety and can be a huge fire hazard.

There are much better ways to protect your four-legged friends from springs, rollers, and other moving components of your door:

Prevent pets from accessing moving components 

Dogs and cats tend to chew on just about anything, including parts of a garage door. If given the chance, they can damage the unit by biting the wiring. This puts the entire family at risk, not just your pets.

To avoid the scenario, make sure animals can’t reach these fragile components. Bring in an expert for specific advice on securing your door. 

Don’t leave the door partially open 

Leaving a garage door partially raised is a disaster waiting to happen. It keeps the unit under stress, damaging various elements and increasing the chances of a sudden collapse. Therefore, never leave it open when your pets are around.

Keep an eye on your pet 

Check where your pets are whenever you want to open or close the garage door. This keeps the animal from being trapped by the unit while coming down or getting their paws stuck in the mechanism during the operation. 

Can you put a pet door in a garage doorLooking for experts in Poway garage door opener repair?

DIY projects can be fun, but they can also take up most of your day. This is especially true when maintaining your garage door since there are so many parts you need to check. Rather than spend an entire afternoon trying to fix the unit, why not explore Goodan Ranch and other wonders of Poway? Leave the work to Dlouhy Doors! 

We’re here to address any issue you might have with your garage door. Whether you’re dealing with a faulty opener or worn springs, give us a call and let us work our magic. Relying on years of experience and advanced equipment, we promise we won’t let you down. 

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