A Brief History of Garage Doors

When did automatic garage doors become popular

When you consider your garage door, you’d hardly ever imagine that there’s a fascinating history behind the unit. You may be far more concerned about the cost of your next garage door opener repair and whether even the finest experts in Poway will be able to fix it in the first place. 

However, there’s much more to your unit – not just repairs or maintenance. It was developed for years so that it could serve you great and increase your home’s safety. But what exactly did the evolution of garage doors look like? You’re about to find out! 


What is the evolution of garage doors? 


Modern garage door technology opens up endless possibilities. You may consider installing a man door or upgrading it with a couple of pet-friendly units or picking from a long list of possible improvement features. But these solutions weren’t always available. 


At first, people didn’t have overhead garage doors. Instead, they would swing open like front doors. Many households also had units that resembled large barn doors. Strap hinges connected them to the garages, which wasn’t ideal because it was hard to maneuver during wintertime. 

Things improved slightly when sliding doors rose to prominence. They were more functional, but they still had a major drawback – the lack of a folding mechanism. 

Fortunately, engineers soon came up with a convenient solution. The units were divided into various sections hinged at intervals. This allowed them to fold around corners, making them much safer and easier to operate. It was also the turning point for garage doors, as most structures from that time on drew on this design. 


What is the evolution of garage doors

When did automatic garage doors become popular? 


Although garage doors were invented in the 1920s, automatic solutions didn’t become prevalent for another 50 years. More specifically, manufacturers only started mass-producing them when split rails were invented. This allowed people to design custom units more easily. 

Still, the launch of automatic doors didn’t go smoothly. They were immediately notorious for being a safety hazard after several incidents when descending units injured many young children. Consequently, homeowners were hesitant to invest in this new technology, as they were afraid for the safety of their loved ones. 

This changed in 1993 when the USA government mandated that garage doors need to contain advanced sensors to minimize safety risks. This paved the way for LiftMaster, a manufacturer from Illinois, to take over the market. They developed cutting-edge technology that complied with the government standard. Their garage door was a resounding success and lead to a surge in sales. 

Another factor that slowed down the roll-out and distribution of automatic garage doors was materials. Throughout the previous century, most producers depended on wood to manufacture their units. Only when steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and some other materials became popular did the manufacturers ramp up their production. With so many options, automatic garage doors were soon transformed into an essential visual element of nearly every household. 


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