A Short Glossary of Garage Door Lingo

Looking for reliable garage door opener repair in PowayYou probably know a lot about most parts of your household. You can describe your furniture and yard, but what about the garage door? Understanding the unit is incredibly helpful since it lets you maintain it more easily. Plus, it enables you to diagnose various issues and contact skilled contractors for garage door opener repair in Poway on time. 

The best way to familiarize yourself with the structure is to go through a glossary of garage door components. This article will provide one, so read on!

What are the different parts of a garage door called? 

Garage doors haven’t always been the same. Initially, these units were pretty rudimentary. You couldn’t add a man door or introduce a pet-friendly upgrade, but modern solutions allow for both. As a result, the structures have become more complex and are comprised of numerous parts:

  • Astragal: the weatherstripping at the bottom of your door.
  • Bracket-mounted track: the vertical tracks on the door jamb.
  • Bottom brackets: these components mount to the sides and hold your lifting cables. 
  • Clearance: the amount of headroom, backroom, and sideroom required to install the door properly. 
  • Cables: the wires linking your counterbalance mechanism and the lower bracket.
  • Cable drums: the units used for winding the cables.
  • Cycle: another word for the full closing and opening of your door.
  • Frame: this is your horizontal header and side vertical elements.
  • Dead load: the force your door produces when standing still.
  • Duplex spring: two torsion springs.
  • Extension and torsion springs: the parts that generate the force needed to open the door.
  • Flag bracket: the part that links the vertical and horizontal tracks.
  • Galvanizing: the process that makes doors rust-resistant.
  • Opener: the motor that opens and closes your door.
  • High-cycle springs: springs that can endure more cycles, which extends their service life.
  • Horizontal track: the track mounted parallel to your ceiling that guides the door.
  • Man door: a door incorporated into your garage door that allows you to enter and exit the area more easily.
  • Jambs: the vertical parts of your frame.
  • Jamb seal: this is the weatherstripping around the jambs. 
  • Overhead door: a door that features hinged sections that allow it to move along the track 
  • Photo sensors: a feature that prevents your door from hitting an item underneath it.
  • Roller assembly: this part consists of an axle and wheel, and it helps guide the door along your track.
  • Rollers: another name for the wheels inside your roller assembly.
  • Rear track hangers: the parts that firmly attach your horizontal track to your ceiling.
  • Shaft bearings: the bearings that support the door’s weight, acting as a counterbalance system.
  • Spring assembly: the parts of your counterbalance assembly. 
  • Tracks: your door slides in these tracks when closing and opening. 
  • Winding cone: the part used for winding your torsion springs.
  • Wind load: this is the amount of force wind produces when blowing into your closed door.

Looking for reliable garage door opener repair in Poway?

What are the different parts of a garage door calledFamiliarizing yourself with your Poway garage door is great. However, knowing the theory only doesn’t mean you’re ready to repair various issues. You need proper equipment, experience, and Dlouhy Doors has both. 

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