What’s a Man Door & Should You Get One?

Where can you book trustworthy Poway, CA specialists for garage door opener repair

There are various ways to upgrade your garage door and make it more functional. For instance, you may consider spending a good deal of your weekend on your Poway property struggling with garage door opener repair. 

However, here you’ll learn more about the benefits and possibilities of mounting a man door. It’s a convenient enhancement that may make your driveway area much safer. Nevertheless, you may wonder if it’s a good long-term investment in terms of curb appeal or resale value. Keep reading to find out more!


Where does the term ‘man door’ come from? 

Garage doors have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Most units come with numerous tiny components, and you can even enhance them with a pet door

There’s yet another upgrade you can benefit from, and this is, of course, a man door. The word originated in the 19th century in Cape Town and used mostly during the Dutch settlement in South Africa. Other terms in use are ‘pedestrian door’ and ‘wicket door’. 

Today, ‘man door’ is a general term that can be found in various settings. In industrial facilities, it denotes pathways for personnel, usually placed next to oversized equipment doors. The main purpose is workers’ safety: it eliminates the risk of collision with heavy machinery and materials and prevents subsequent injuries. 


Can I put a man door in a garage door?

Can I put a man door in a garage door

The answer is a resounding yes! Many homeowners invest in this upgrade, enhancing their garage with a high-quality swing-style door inside the bigger unit. Here’s a list of reasons why this can be a sound investment: 

  • Convenience: Rather than rolling up your entire door when taking out the trash or grabbing the mail, you can use a man door to avoid the trouble. 
  • Saves space: If you have a small property, your garage may not have enough room for a full-sized door and an extra swing door. Installing a man door inside your unit lets you maximize space and improve accessibility. 
  • Limiting wear and energy consumption: One of the best ways of extending the lifespan of a garage door is to boost it with a man door. You won’t need to open the bigger unit that frequently, which will reduce wear and tear, as well as the energy bill. Finally, man doors allow less heat to escape during cold months than bigger units.
  • Increases safety in emergencies: Emergencies require you to leave your property fast. Relying on electric garage doors can be risky, which is why you should mount a man door. It’s manually operated, ensuring you can get out of your garage in time. 
  • More privacy: When your garage door is open, passers-by can easily peek into the area and check out the contents. Conversely, a man door restricts their field of view to increase your privacy. 


Where can you book trustworthy Poway, CA specialists for garage door opener repair?

Right here! 


Where does the term ‘man door’ come from

It’s hard to imagine living without a garage in your Poway residence. You’d have a harder time parking your car and storing valuable equipment. But this doesn’t mean you can put your feet up after building your garage. You still need someone to service the door regularly, and that someone is the Dlouhy Doors team! 

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