Top 3 Garage Door Security Tips

There are many benefits of having a well-made garage door. One of the greatest advantages of your unit is that it can prevent thieves from targeting your home. This is especially true if you schedule garage door springs repairs in Poway, CA, to make sure the system is in great condition.

However, there are many ways to make your garage door more secure. We’ll list the 3 most effective ways to do so. Read on to learn more.

How do you burglar-proof a garage door? 

You can increase the value and functionality of your property with a few tweaks to your garage door. For instance, cleaning your garage door to perfection and making your unit more beautiful than ever are all things that can contribute to increased curb appeal.

Another thing that can increase the functionality and attractiveness of your property is how well-protected it is against burglars. Here are 3 ways you can do just that:

Apply tinted film 

Potential burglars are less likely to target your garage if they’re not certain whether the door hides anything valuable. That’s where tinted film comes in. This material is made of laminated polyester bonds to windows to obstruct burglars’ view while welcoming sunlight. 

It also makes your windows more challenging to break and improves your garage’s insulation. If you want the same breakage protection without tinting, you can find many tint-free solutions.

Follow effective security practices

Garage doors with keypads are common. They’re convenient, but they’re also prone to security risks if someone else learns your security code. Therefore, treat your keypad code the same way you treat your bank account – keep the number for yourself. 

If someone else needs it (e.g., your landscaper while you’re on vacation), make sure to change the code frequently. You should do so at least once every half a year to stay safe.

Hide your remote 

Most people stash their remotes inside the glove compartment or under their seats. The problem is that most thieves are familiar with these hiding spots. They’re the first place they check when trying to break into a house. For this reason, avoid leaving the remote in your car, especially when it’s in the driveway. 

Instead, bring it with you so burglars surveying your place don’t know if you even have a remote. Another great option is to buy a cutting-edge universal remote. You can carry it on a keychain if you need an inconspicuous travel companion. Better yet, install a smart garage door opener. It operates via an app to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry.

What type of garage door is most secure? 

Garage doors come in a wide range of robust materials and styles. Some styles are more secure than others. For instance, roller doors are exceptionally secure due to their design. 

Also known as roll-up doors, they have horizontal slats with rollers that open and close the mechanism. They roll up overhead neatly without protruding as a single rigid piece. Once closed, they reveal no signs of obvious entry for potential thieves.

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