Easy 5-Step Garage Door Cleaning Guide

What is the best way to clean a garage door

A lot goes into maintaining your garage door. For instance, you may need to hire Poway, CA, garage door springs repair professionals to restore the unit to its former condition. There are also the rollers, cables, and tracks, all of which require regular maintenance.

However, you don’t want to ignore another vital part of keeping your garage door in great shape – cleaning. Scheduling expert cleaning is the best way to go about it, but you could also use some DIY tips. Read on, and we’ll explain the 5 steps for cleaning your garage door.

What is the best way to clean a garage door? 

Cleaning a garage door isn’t as hard as making your garage door more secure or taking the looks of your unit to new heights. Nevertheless, you want to do it correctly to get the best results. Here’s what the process involves:

1. Finding the right supplies 

You can use several cleaning solutions to scrub your garage door, such as car wash or dishwasher soap. Alternatively, find a detergent with under 0.5% phosphate or a biodegradable product. 

Combine 2 gallons of water and 1 cup of your solutions in a bucket, which is the perfect ratio for dealing with standard grime and dirt. Make sure not to pour bleach into the mixture because it can produce dangerous fumes.

Another thing you need is proper cleaning tools. Although they seem soft enough for your garage door, abrasive sponges and cloths can damage the finish, even if it’s made of the most durable materials. Therefore, get a gentler, non-abrasive item. Avoid dirty rags, scouring products, and rags that might have sand or dirt on the surface. 

A general rule of thumb is to clean with the same kind of cloth or sponge you use on your car. Finally, don’t forget to get a step ladder. Even if you’re tall, you may have a hard time reaching the upper part of your garage door. Use your step ladder to access this section and ensure comprehensive cleaning. This solution is also safer than makeshift tools, as it can bear more weight.

2. Wipe and hose it down 

You first need to wipe down the garage door with a cloth to get rid of grime and dirt. Be careful not to rub too vigorously. Otherwise, you may scratch the surface if you come across any rough fibers or hidden pebbles stuck to your unit.

Then, hose down your garage door to prepare the surface for your cleaning product. Use the nozzle at the end of the hose to remove debris gently and quickly.

3. Scrub and remove stains 

Effective garage door cleaning requires you to use some elbow grease. Scrub hard to remove dirt or tough spots caked on your door. Afterward, spot-clean any remaining stains with your water mixture. Apply the solution liberally to reduce the risk of water marks once you’re done.

4. Address the trim and weatherstripping

While you’re there, don’t forget about your trim and weatherstripping. Your door will look better, and you’ll extend its lifespan. 

5. Clean the interior and wipe it down 

Wash the inside of your garage door, particularly the bottom part. It can attract a large amount of grime and dirt. Finally, finish the procedure with another wipe-down. Tackle the sides with your dry cloth to leave a shiny finish.

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