4 Most Popular Garage Door Materials

What type of garage door material is best

Hiring Poway, CA, garage door springs repair companies is beneficial. Whether you need professionals to fix certain parts or perform standard maintenance, they can drastically expand the lifespan of your unit.

However, it’s not a good sign if your door requires servicing more often than usual. It could mean the unit is on its last legs, and you need a new one. In that case, one of the most important details you need to consider is the material for your garage door. Let’s check out the 4 most popular options. Read on!

What type of garage door material is best? 

When selecting the material for your door, you need a solution that helps you reduce the risk of garage door burglaries. You also want a material compatible with convenient opening mechanisms, allowing you to take care of any dirt, grease, and dust more easily. 

Here are 4 options that typically check both boxes:

1. Steel 

Steel is exceedingly popular due to its durability and flexibility. It’s more resistant to hail, snow, ice, and other elements. Plus, the material works great with an array of designs without denting your budget.

Even though it’s an excellent choice in most climates, the main drawback of steel is its susceptibility to rust. Corrosion is especially prominent in the lower parts of steel doors if your area uses salt to de-ice roads.

2. Wood 

Another popular garage door material is wood. It’s an elegant eco-friendly solution because it’s renewable. Furthermore, it’s a terrific choice if you need a unique look because you can customize it practically any way you want.

Wood doors are recommended in mild climates. Drastic temperature changes and moisture can make the material warp and expand as it collects moisture. Additionally, wood has a high upfront cost and is demanding in terms of maintenance. Still, the investment may be well worth it, considering the natural elegance of this material.

3. Glass & aluminum 

Glass and aluminum are often used in combination to convey a contemporary look. You can buy them in an anodized coating and hundreds of colors. Moreover, you can customize the doors to achieve the perfect look. The materials are also very lightweight, allowing for easier installation.

But as aluminum is relatively light, it’s not as sturdy as steel or wood. Hail and high winds can dent the surface. That’s why experts recommend insulating individual section rails. They can make the product more durable and boost the thermal protection of the area.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a popular garage door material since it replicates the grain textures of real-life wood. But unlike wood, fiberglass doesn’t crack, warp, or shrink. That’s why it’s perfect for humid climates. It has a steel core coupled with a vinyl or fiberglass skin.

Another great thing about fiberglass doors is that they’re semi-transparent. This invites light into your garage, enabling you to save money by not turning on your AC as frequently. The most significant disadvantage of fiberglass is that it often can’t be repaired if it breaks. Therefore, you may need to replace the entire door if a section or two is malfunctioning.poway ca garage door springs repair companies

Where can I find one of the finest Poway, CA, garage door springs repair companies? 

Choosing a robust material for your Poway garage door is great, but you still need comprehensive maintenance. Otherwise, the parts may wear sooner than expected, which can make the door slam onto your vehicle when you’re coming back home from your Mount Woodson Trailhead adventure.

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