Eco-Friendly Garages: All You Need to Know

How can I make my garage eco-friendly

There are many ways to improve your garage. For instance, an emergency garage door repair company in Santee, CA, can fix the door rollers to enhance the unit’s functionality. Another great solution is to add eco-friendly features, but what exactly do they include?

In the following article, we’ll cover some of the best eco-friendly ways to improve your garage space. Keep reading to learn more about how to make your garage more environmentally friendly.

How can I make my garage eco-friendly?

You might be curious about various parts of your garage. For instance, you may want to learn more about garage door tracks, or you could be considering a SMART garage to add value to your property.

However, none of these improvements are as important as making your garage eco-friendly. Here are a few design solutions to help protect the environment:

Insulate the place

Few garages are cooled or heated, so your interior walls may not need insulation. That said, you should insulate interior walls to lower your energy bills and comply with local codes. Here’s what you can do:

  • Seal cracks with caulk in walls.
  • Replace damaged drywall.
  • Install additional insulation in weaker areas.
  • Use garage door weatherstripping or threshold seal to control indoor temperatures more effectively and be less reliant on air conditioners.

Install an eco-friendly door

You may not get tax credits for mounting ENERGY STAR doors, but some units are more efficient than others. More specifically, garage doors with eco-friendly insulation help you maintain optimal temperatures in your garage effortlessly.

Additionally, avoid mounting a single-layer door because they come with little-to-no insulation. By contrast, double-layer models have regular polystyrene insulation that can result in some cost savings. Your best option is triple-layer doors with thick polyurethane or polystyrene materials.

Some doors are also manufactured from recycled materials. You might be able to find them in local hardware stores or specialized providers.

Add windows

If your garage doesn’t have skylights or windows, consider installing them. They can improve your garage’s eco-friendliness by inviting natural sunlight. The more light enters the area, the less you need to use bulbs and lamps. Plus, it can warm up the garage when it’s sunny.

Also, mount multi-pane windows with low emission ratings and gas filling of krypton, argon, or other non-toxic gasses. For more tips on choosing your windows, consult ENERGY STAR guidelines.

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Use your appliances responsibly

Some homeowners don’t have cooling or heating in their garages. If you do, you need to manage the use of your conditioners and other appliances.

For example, installing a smart programmable thermostat is one of your best investments. It lets you control settings, temperatures, and monitor your energy consumption. Moreover, advanced models can advise you on reducing your electricity use.

Keep the temperature low during winter and slightly higher during summer. This way, your device will have to work less, leading to considerable energy savings and reducing environmental harm.

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Eco-friendly adjustments to your Santee garage are highly recommended. Still, making your unit safer for the environment doesn’t increase its resistance to wear and tear. Without proper maintenance, some of the parts may come off and slam into your car, meaning you’ll have to leave your picnic in Town Center Community Park for another day.

Therefore, don’t take a gamble with your structure – hire Dlouhy Doors whenever you need emergency repairs. We’re also available for regular servicing, and our technicians can even advise you on the best practices for keeping your kids unharmed when playing in the garage. Contact us today for first-rate results!