Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing a Garage Door Opener

How do you fix a broken garage door openerRegardless of the durability of your garage door, it’s prone to all sorts of issues. For instance, the spring may give out, and you need a trained contractor for garage door springs repair in El Cajon, CA, to fix the issue. 

But it can get even worse if the opener is malfunctioning. It keeps you from making the most of your garage door and protecting your car or other belongings. That’s why fixing the opener is crucial, and this article will lay down each step of this process – keep reading! 

How do you fix a broken garage door opener? 

There can be a number of reasons why your garage door opener isn’t working. You’ve recognized the malfunction by various issues, and getting a replacement isn’t an option. Therefore, the only way out is to repair the unit. Here’s how the process goes, depending on the problem: 

The door goes down only when you press your wall switch

If your door only goes down when you press your wall switch, make sure that your safety sensors are aligned. Each sensor should light up if there’s nothing between them. But if the sensors have gone bad, you might need to replace them: 

  • Remove your sensors from their brackets. 
  • Remove the wiring or cut the wiring 12 inches from the sensors. 
  • Strip the ends from the sensors and twist the wires with the same colors together. 
  • Get rid of the existing wiring from the gray and white terminals. It should be on the back of your operator.
  • Insert or attach white wires into your white terminal and white/black stripped wiring into your gray terminal. 
  • Align the sensors, and you should be good to go. 

There are no lights or sound when pressing the remote and wall switch

If your outlet is receiving power, but there are no lights or sounds when pushing the remote or switch, the problem probably lies in a malfunctioning circuit board. Here’s how to fix it: 

  • Remove your light cover and the lightbulb. 
  • Disconnect the sensor wires and switch. 
  • Unbolt the screws and unplug your board. 
  • Install the new board, and that’s all there is to it. You can also mount a surge protector to help prevent future breakdowns. 

The trolley carriage is moving, but your door won’t open

If your trolley carriage moves but you can’t open the door, you’re probably facing a broken trolley carriage. Replacing it is the best solution: 

  • Clamp down your chain to the rail to secure the chain. 
  • Separate the chain from the trolley.
  • Disconnect your rail from the bracket. 
  • Move the rail to one side. 
  • Get rid of the factory trolley and install the new one. 
  • Reattach your chain and adjust chain tension.

Lack of lubricant 

Regardless of the type of your opener, you should regularly lube the rail where it connects with the trolley carriage. However, don’t use just any lubricant. Opt for a product that repels dirt, such as silicone spray

If you own a screw-drive opener, you need to grease a few spots along your rail gear at least 1-2 times a year. If you live in a colder climate, go for lithium grease because it doesn’t harden when temperatures plummet. 

Before lubricating the unit, make sure to clean the tracks. Apply the lubricant to each moving part, including the hinges, tracks, and rollers. Don’t use too much to avoid drips on your vehicle. 

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Your garage door springs are susceptible to a variety of issues. This can lead to problems with the opener, preventing you from accessing your garage comfortably. 

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