6 Reasons Why a Garage Door Opener Stops Working

What causes a garage door opener to stop workingYou rely on your garage to protect your car, tools, or other possessions from bad weather and theft. However, making the most of your garage requires a fully functional opener. Otherwise, you might be prevented from accessing the area. 

To avoid this scenario, you first need to understand what can cause your opener to break. The leading experts in emergency garage door repair services in El Cajon are about to list the potential culprits. Read on for valuable garage door-related information! 

What causes a garage door opener to stop working? 

There can be several problems with your garage door opener. It might be tempting to try to repair the broken unit on your own, but the job takes skill and appropriate tools

Therefore, contact the professionals whenever your garage door opener isn’t working. One of their first moves will be to determine the cause. Here are the most likely culprits:

Broken torsion springs 

The sound of a breaking torsion spring can be pretty loud, even resembling a gunshot or firecracker sometimes. This problem is also responsible for a huge number of garage door opener issues. However, fixing it can be dangerous, so make sure to get in touch with a professional if you’re dealing with a broken spring. 

Snapped cables 

Garage door cables can often snap, leading to a malfunctioning or broken opener. It can damage your wall or vehicle and cause severe injuries if you get in the way. This problem also requires professional services. 

Inadequate sensitivity 

This issue can happen in any garage door. If the sensitivity is too high or low, your door simply won’t open. Fortunately, adjusting the sensitivity is relatively simple. The manufacturer’s instructions should provide all the information you need to make the adjustment.

The door is locked manually 

If the door opener operates for a couple of seconds and shuts off, the door might be locked manually. The simplest way to check this is to see if the lock on your door is engaged. This is one of the most common reasons why your door won’t open, especially if it’s an older model. 

The door has slipped out of the track 

Another common reason why people’s garage door openers won’t work is that the door is off the tracks. It needs to roll smoothly along the metal track. Any bends, gaps, obstacles, and bumps can prevent the unit from working correctly.

Improper limit setting 

If your door closes but immediately opens again, the limit setting might be wrong. In this case, the door hits the ground before the opener determines it should, causing it to bounce back. It assumes there’s an obstacle and takes appropriate action to prevent damage.

The simplest way to adjust your limit settings is to use the motor buttons. It might take several attempts before you get it right.

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