7 Common Garage Door Problems & Fixes: Pt. 1

Who's the leader among long-standing garage door companies in PowaySo you’ve hired one of the top garage door companies in Poway to enhance your property with a high-quality garage door. Excellent decision! However, keep in mind that, while your new door is as robust as it gets, this doesn’t mean it’s 100% failproof.

Like any mechanical device, even a premium garage door can break down in a variety of different ways after years of use. But what exactly are the most common problems your garage door is prone to? This article will reveal the 7 frequently encountered malfunctions and recommended repair methods – read on! 

What are the most common problems with garage doors?  

Regardless of the type of malfunction, the single best way to avoid it is to book regular garage door maintenance services. These tune-ups should optimally be performed by a licensed technician once a year.

Here are 7 all-too-common garage door problems and how to address them:

Faulty switch 

Sometimes, you hit your opener switch, but the door won’t budge. There can be several culprits for this. For example, your door might simply be locked. The easiest solution is to locate your lock button and deactivate it before trying to open your unit again. 

Unplugged motor

Another common issue with garage doors is that the motor can become unplugged. It’s usually attached to your light close to the ceiling. Turning it back on should solve the issue. 

Malfunctioning keypad

Not many garage doors have keypads. But if your model does, it can become faulty. Before trying any heavy-duty fixes, check the batteries. If they’re dead, replace them and re-enter the code to check if it works. However, the keypad may require reprogramming. If so, check the manual for the instructions. If you don’t have one, look up the model online. 

Remote control issues 

A malfunctioning remote control can prevent the entire door from operating as it should. The main reason why it stops working is that the batteries are dead. Replace them, and see if that addresses the issue. 

Another potential problem might be that your remote is too far from the door. The gadget is supposed to send signals to your motor, but only if it’s close enough. Otherwise, it won’t work properly. Using the device from a shorter distance should do the trick if this is the issue.

Strange noises 

If the garage door makes unusual sounds, this can be a sign of many underlying problems. In some cases, the rollers might be worn out and need lubrication. Apply a bit of silicone-based lubricant or hire a professional to examine the unit. 

The door won’t open and close

If the door doesn’t respond to your signals (it doesn’t open and close), you could be facing numerous problems. To address the situation, check the keypad and remote to rule them out. Then, see if the lights are working. 

Whether you’re facing this issue or some other problems with the unit, you want to inquire about potential solutions promptly. You should also let a professional handle the repairs to avoid costly mistakes.

The door opens and closes halfway 

Sometimes, your door starts closing or opening, but it malfunctions halfway through. This usually signifies that your limits aren’t adjusted properly. This setting tells your door when to stop opening and closing so that the motor doesn’t have to run all the time. Check the manual to determine how to adjust your limits. 

What are the most common problems with garage doorsWho’s the leader among long-standing garage door companies in Poway?

Repairing your garage door can be dangerous. There are many moving parts that can detach and turn the entire unit into a huge safety hazard. Why take this risk when you can hire Dlouhy Doors? 

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