5 Common Garage Door Problems & Fixes: Pt. 2

What are some frequent issues with garage doorsMaintaining a garage door can be challenging. There are a number of components you need to look after, which also means the unit is prone to all sorts of problems. Diagnosing them is hard, and fixing them can be even harder.

Fortunately, experienced contractors from one of Poway’s leading garage door companies are here to help you do both. We’ll list some of the 5 most common issues with your garage door and recommend optimal solutions. Keep reading to learn more.

What are some frequent issues with garage doors? 

We’ve already listed a few problems with your garage doors in the first part of this article, such as a faulty opener and engine. Your best bet is to hire an expert to deal with them and ask around when looking for potential solutions

The same goes for the following 5 issues:

Broken springs

Your garage door opens and closes by using one or two springs. If a spring breaks, your door grinds to a halt and may even come crashing down. If this happens when you’re near the unit, you’ll know you’re dealing with this problem because you’ll hear a loud noise that sounds like a firecracker or even a gunshot.

But if you weren’t near your door when a spring broke, you should still be able to identify the issue. Check if it’s hanging down. If so, it’s broken. Call in your garage door company of choice and have them replace the broken spring. Refrain from using your door until the issue has been addressed.

Worn bearings or rollers

If you hear a squeaking or popping sound when the door moves, the unit’s rollers or bearings are worn. You’ll probably need to replace them, but lubrication may do the trick in some cases.

Uneven movement 

If your garage door shimmies whenever it opens and closes, something could be blocking its tracks. Perform a visual inspection and get rid of any obstructions you come across. Additionally, wipe down your tracks. 

If this doesn’t help, your springs might be delivering too much or too little tension. Hiring a garage door technician is the best way to solve this problem. 

Slow opening and closing 

If the door takes its time while opening and closing, this again points to an issue with the tracks or rollers. This is because salt and sand can accumulate on these parts, keeping them from functioning properly. If you fail to clean them regularly, your door may become sluggish. 

To restore rollers and tracks to their previous condition, clean them thoroughly. You should also apply a high-quality lubricant. Consult a professional on whether you need a lithium or silicone-based product. Eco-friendly solutions are also available.

The door closes too fast 

If your garage door closes at a breakneck speed, the chances are your cables or torsion springs are broken. If so, the unit won’t work properly until you hire a professional and have them repair your door. The job is too dangerous for inexperienced hands, so don’t take a chance with DIY attempts.

Where in Poway can I find reputable garage door companiesWhere in Poway can I find reputable garage door companies?

A broken garage door can be a huge problem. Not only is it highly inconvenient and may end up trapping your car or preventing you from parking inside your home, it can also pose a severe security issue. 

That’s where Dlouhy Doors comes in. We’ll fix the issue quickly so that you can once again have a safe, fully-functional door. Our team is the answer to all your garage door troubles in Poway and beyond. Contact us now!