5 Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Repair

What are common misconceptions about garage door repair

Installing durable and secure garage doors is very important for ensuring the door’s functionality. Although the choice of material and model affect the lifespan of garage doors, they still need occasional repair in order to be fully functional. That’s why many homeowners turn to experienced Poway, CA, garage door installers for aid. In the following article, we’ll outline the common misconceptions about garage door repair. Let’s find out what they are!

What are common misconceptions about garage door repair?

While you may think that after installing the garage door your work is done, things are not that simple. Here are the common 5 myths about garage door repair:

1. Garage doors are noisy

Many people believe that it’s natural for garage doors to be noisy. Homeowners opt for the most secure type of garage door. However, regardless of the kind of door you choose, garage door systems are designed to operate smoothly. If you hear screeching or clanking it may be because there is some dirt on the tracks that needs to be cleaned or it may indicate system failure. Noise can be a sign of loose components, broken hinges, or worn rollers.

Either way, you should have your door checked by a professional immediately.

2. Maintenance is optional

Although one of the top garage door trends in 2024 is high durability, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need maintenance at all. Like any mechanical tool, the moving parts that operate the garage door and its surface need regular cleaning and lubrication, and the entire door needs visual inspection. Regular upkeep will ensure your garage door operates better and it will extend its lifespan.

3. DIY repairs are simple

Many homeowners believe that they can fix the garage doors themselves. Garage doors are very heavy and have many components. While it’s relatively easy to replace rollers, remove debris from tracks, and replace weatherstripping, other parts like hinges, wall switches, remote control, cables, chain-drive motor, and magic eye are much more complex and require professional attention. DIY repair can cause injuries or you might do some damage to the door.

4. Your garage door can’t be broken into

Sadly, many burglars have become very proficient with breaking into garages. A simple pulling of the emergency release can unlock a garage door. That’s why you should apply the methods of burglar-proofing your garage door. You can also secure your emergency release with a zip tie or enhance it with a deadbolt. Another safety measure is using smart technology which alerts you when the door is left open or used.

5. Garage door companies are too expensive

Many homeowners believe that garage door companies will try to sell them a new door which couldn’t be more wrong. Experienced technicians know how to fix a problem and prolong the door’s lifespan. Regular maintenance also contributes greatly to the prevention of breakdowns and the best part is that it’s not expensive. It’s better to invest in the upkeep and doing small repairs before the problem escalates.

Besides, garage door companies provide warranties for installation, new fittings, and replacement – so it pays off to hire professionals.   best Poway, CA, garage door installers near me

Who are the best Poway, CA, garage door installers near me?

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