Garage Door Cables: Everything You Need to Know

What are the cables on a garage door called

Garage doors are a very complex system consisting of many intricate parts. Many people use it as an alternative entrance which is why it’s important for it to be in an immaculate shape. If any part is malfunctioning it can cause severe security issues and cables are one of the most important parts of a garage door. That’s why more and more homeowners opt for a reliable garage door cable repair company in San Diego.   

This article outlines the essential information about garage door cables and their properties. Let’s learn the ropes!    

What are the cables on a garage door called?

There are three types of garage door cables. The lifting cable enables the door to open and is also most likely to break. If you see any signs of a broken garage door cable call a professional immediately. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself. 

The second type is the retaining cable which is an integral part of a safety mechanism. If a spring breaks, this cable keeps the broken pieces in place. Emergency release cables allow you to open the garage door manually in cases when there is a power outage or if the motor breaks down. 

Are garage door cables necessary?

Cables have several very important functions. In conjunction with the springs, they distribute the weight of the door evenly and control the tension of the springs. They serve as a safety mechanism and contribute to the alignment and balance of the door. They allow the door to move smoothly and at a controlled pace. That’s why what you should do if your garage door cable breaks is ask for expert assistance immediately. 

Since garage door cables are exposed to the elements they can become worn out and susceptible to breaking. You should inspect the cables regularly and if you notice even the smallest damage respond quickly to avoid costly repairs afterward. 

What is the life expectancy of garage door cables?

The average life expectancy of a garage door is between 5 and 8 years. If you were wondering when you should replace your garage door cable, that depends on several factors. Besides the quality of the materials used for cable manufacturing, maintenance and frequency of use are very important. 

In some cases, weather conditions like humidity and extreme temperatures can shorten the cables’ lifespan. Of course, installation is vital too, and you should make sure the cables are aligned well and under the appropriate tension.  

Are all garage door cables the same?Are garage door cables necessary

The most commonly used type of garage door cable is the torsion spring cable. This cable helps the springs to wind up and is attached to the door’s bottom corners. When the springs unwind they release the energy that enables the lifting of the door. Extension spring cables are perfect for compensating for the lack of headroom. They contract when the door opens and stretch when the door closes. 

However, this type of cable is less secure than torsion cable. If the cable breaks the spring can detach from the pulley system and the door can be severely damaged.  

Which garage door cable repair company in San Diego should I turn to?

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