Broken Garage Door Cable: Emergency Guide

What to do if your garage door cable breaks

Cables are one of the most important and most dangerous parts of a garage door. Damaged cables can snap, causing a garage door to come crashing down on whatever or whoever is underneath it. Homeowners need to keep a close eye on their cables and call in the pros to carry out the necessary garage door cable repairs in San Diego at the first sign of fraying or cracking. 

In this article, we’ll help you stay safe and prevent further damage to your garage door by sharing top 5 tips on what to do if your garage door cables become damaged. Read on!

What to do if your garage door cable breaks?

Before you decide how to solve this problem there are some safety measures that you should take to avoid injuries or damage. If you suspect that something is wrong with the hardware follow these steps: 

1. Inspect the cable

If you check the cable regularly you will be able to prevent serious damage and injury. Fraying is one of the signs that your garage door cable is broken. Frayed or rusted cables are likely to break which is why you should consider replacing them. Cables that look saggy or loose have probably stretched and may become unwound. If this happens they should be tightened as soon as possible to avoid the collapse of the door.     

2. Disconnect garage door opener

Switch off the power source and disconnect it from the lifting mechanism to avoid accidents. This will allow you to open the door manually and check if there is a problem with the opener or with the door. One of the reasons why garage door cables are necessary is that they regulate the tension of the springs. To release the tension keep the door wide open. This will facilitate replacing or reattaching the cables. Tug the release pull rope, open the door, and secure it with a clamp.

3. Check for obstructions

One of the indicators you should replace your garage door cable is delayed door opening. This can be a symptom of malfunctioning cables. However, objects can get in the way and stop the door from opening and closing properly. If you want to determine whether you should replace the cable or not, make sure that there are no obstructions blocking the door’s path.  

4. Avoid using the door

Broken cables cause additional tension that transfers on other cables putting a lot of strain on them. When this happens the door opens unevenly and may become crooked or unbalanced. If you notice that the door is shaking, squeaking, or operating strangely this may be a sign of a broken cable. That’s why you should avoid using the door to prevent causing greater damage.   

garage door cable repairs in San Diego5. Call professionals

If you suspect that the cable is broken or you don’t know how to fix it don’t hesitate to turn to experts. Mending garage doors usually requires several skilled people and trying to solve the problem on your own can cause severe damage or even put you in a life-threatening situation considering how heavy and complex the mechanism is. Professionals can detect the problem easily and they have the equipment and the knowledge to make the doors operational again.       

Which garage door cable repairs should I opt for in San Diego?

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