Garage Doors vs Burglars: Key Considerations

How do you burglar-proof a garage door

A garage door contributes a lot to the home’s architecture. Besides the aesthetic appeal, it should meet security standards, as many people use garage doors as an entrance. Similarly, burglars frequently target them as a point of entry for unauthorized access. It’s for this reason people opt for reliable garage door installers in Poway, CA for the best burglar-proofing solutions for their garage doors. Read on!

How do you burglar-proof a garage door?

Besides choosing the most secure type of garage door, there are many other things that you can do to increase the garage door safety levels. Here’s what you should consider:

1. Install automatic door opener

Automatic garage door opener provides safe and convenient garage access. However, when a garage door is closed it doesn’t mean it’s locked so thieves can get in just by applying force. That’s why you should opt for a garage opener with additional built-in security features. You can use rolling code technology which ensures the change of signal every time you use the remote control, which makes it impossible for anyone to intercept and replicate the code.

2. Use an advanced security system

Using smart technology is one of the top garage door trends for 2024. The first thing you should invest in is an advanced security camera system. Just the sight of security cameras can prevent burglars from breaking in. Needless to say, It’s crucial to opt for authentic cameras rather than fake ones to ensure you have reliable video footage and evidence in the event of any incidents.

It’s also advisable to install lights with motion sensors that can detect every move and shed light on burglars. This will make the burglars think twice about nighttime break-ins.

3. Secure your remote

Thieves know that people keep their garage door remotes in their car’s glove compartment or under the seat. These are the places where thieves will check if they see the car parked in the driveway. That’s why you should always have your garage door key with you. Another way of reinforcing your garage door security is to use a universal remote or a garage door opener equipped with smart technology that will allow the opening and closing of the door remotely.

4. Provide regular maintenance

One of the common misconceptions about garage door repair is that garage doors don’t need maintenance. A poorly maintained garage door makes it easier for burglars to break in. Rusting bolts and hinges lower the door’s defense and make it less safe. Besides that, proper maintenance will make the garage door’s lifespan longer and improve performance.

5. Put tinted security film on windows

A tinted security film on garage door windows will prevent burglars from seeing what’s inside. It’s made from laminated polyester that is easy to install and bonds to glass well. It obstructs the burglar’s view and lets daylight in the garage at the same time. An additional advantage of the film is that it makes the windows more difficult to break. There are also tint-free security films that will increase the level of safety and add breakage protection. Reputable Garage Door Installers in Poway, CA

Which garage door installers should I opt for in Poway, CA?

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