Garage Door Security: All You Need to Know

What is the most secure type of garage doo

Besides boosting your home’s curb appeal and functionality, garage doors also serve as one of the main entrances into your home. This makes having a quality door important not just for aesthetic and convenience reasons, but also for your home security.

That’s why many property owners in Poway, CA, hire reliable garage door installation services to equip their homes with highly secure garage doors. But what exactly makes one door more secure than the other? What should you look for in terms of security when choosing a garage door for your property? That’s what we’ll be discussing in the article below. Read on!

What is the most secure type of garage door?

Many different types of garage doors enable a high level of security. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s the list of top garage door models:

Roller doors

Roller doors are one of the most secure types of doors as they don’t have an obvious point of entry. They have a hidden, internal opening mechanism inaccessible to potential trespassers which makes them one of the best ways to burglar-proof your garage door.

A double-skinned roller door can increase the level of safety even more. The layers of overlapping material make this kind of door almost impenetrable without a remote control, which meets safety standards.

Side hinged doors

They are made from glass reinforced polyester which makes them very durable and lightweight at the same time. This material offers multiple options for a very attractive design so it will enable you to follow the top garage door trends in 2024. Although this type of garage door is very resilient it is advisable to reinforce it with additional security countermeasures like locking systems to keep potential intruders at bay. 

What is the best way to lock a garage doorSectional doors

This type of door is very similar to roller doors with added value of being more sturdy and durable. Although this feature facilitates upkeep, you shouldn’t hold one of the common misconceptions about garage door repair and believe that garage doors are maintenance-free. 

The mechanism that folds back sections into the garage roof along the frame is typically controlled electronically. Limiting external access will give you unparalleled protection against intruders and keep your belongings and property safe. 

Up and over doors

This is the cheapest but unfortunately the least safe model of garage doors because of the materials used and the locking mechanisms that aren’t particularly strong. That’s why you should reinforce the door with extra security features like an alarm, motion sensor linked to a light, or security camera. You should also provide regular maintenance to make sure the frame and the panel remain rigid and hardy.

What is the best way to lock a garage door?

The first choice is a multi-point locking system which has at least two internal locks and an option for installing more as an upgrade. Euro profile cylinder locks are very reliable because they prevent burglars from drilling open the main lock. This is an additional safety measure in case the intruder succeeds in damaging or removing the outer lock. Locking rods are more reliable than cables and much harder to bypass.

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