4 Garage Door Trends to Look Out For

What is the most popular garage door style?

Your garage door might be on its last legs. Trained Poway, CA, experts in garage door motor repairs need to fix the unit every few months, which isn’t a long-term solution. You need a new model, but what style and color should you choose?

You’ll find out in this article. We’ll list the top 4 most prominent garage door trends to help you find inspiration for your new model – read on! 

What is the most popular garage door style? 

You’re looking to install a brand-new door to enhance the curb appeal of your property. However, you want to keep up with current trends. Here are the 4 most popular options: 

Raised-panel doors

Raised-panel garage doors are the most popular style. They consist of floating panels inside rail frames. Modern versions also have fiberglass components molded to resemble traditional models.

Their immense popularity ensures you can find them in wood, aluminum, steel, and many other materials. This allows you to mount both stylish and durable structures. Additionally, this type allows for various modifications to help make the unit safe for your pets.

Traditional-style doors 

Most manufacturers provide styles to complement well-established American home styles, including Craftsman, Ranch, Colonial, and Victorian. You can also find units perfectly suitable for your French, Spanish, or Tudor house.

These are known as traditional-style garage doors. Producers offer them in an array of colors and materials, enabling you to match them to the design of your abode. The most widely available type is the roll-up door. It comes with horizontal panels that bend at the seams when rolling up on tracks.

Carriage-style doors 

Carriage-style doors are a popular choice for nearly any type of house. They typically emulate the look of models on traditional carriage homes, but they can also be found on contemporary properties. 

Classic carriage doors normally open from the center. By contrast, modern units fold open using automatic openers.

Modern slab doors 

Modern homes generally have cutting-edge materials and clean lines. Few garage doors match this style, but units with tempered glass can be a great solution. They come with tinted, frosted, or tinted panels enclosed by aluminum frames.

Alternatively, you can enhance the appeal of your home with slab doors. They usually consist of just one panel that folds up as the door opens. Like carriage models, they require specialized automatic openers.

What is the most popular garage door color? What is the most popular garage door color?

The most popular garage door color is white. It allows for many different nuances, none of which is intrusive or gaudy. This way, it can balance out practically any home design. It creates a crisp look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Here are a few other popular colors: 

  • Soft gray 
  • Dark gray 
  • Black 
  • Taupe/beige 
  • Walnut brown

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