4 Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Where do I find trusted garage door motor repair companies in Poway, CA?

You may have the most durable garage door on the market, but this doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. In fact, it can break down rapidly if you don’t take care of it properly. But besides hiring garage door motor repair companies in Poway, CA, for regular maintenance, you can take many preventative measures to boost the lifespan of your unit.

Let’s see what those measures involve. Keep reading for the 4 most effective ways to make your garage door last longer

How can I make my garage door last longer? How can I make my garage door last longer?

It’s no wonder your garage door could be on its last legs, considering you open it thousands of times per year. Fortunately, you can help reverse the deterioration with the following actions: 

Use old units sparingly

Using your garage door less is the easiest way to slow down the aging process. The less you open it, the less wear and tear it’ll suffer. Try to use it only when necessary and don’t let your kids play with your remote. 

Examine the hardware 

A garage door consists of various nuts, bolts, springs, cables, pulleys, and screws. They deteriorate, so it’s a good idea to tighten them every couple of months. Additionally, check for warped, frayed, or worn parts at least 2-3 times a year. If you notice any damage, contact a garage door expert for help.

Test the balance

Testing the balance of your garage door requires you to detach it from the opener and move it along the tracks manually. Here’s how to do so: 

  • Pull the release handle of your door.
  • Open the unit manually.
  • If the balance is fine, the door should stay in place once you let go. If it falls, it means it’s imbalanced.

Testing balance is relatively simple, but fixing imbalanced doors isn’t a DIY project. Leave the work to a professional.

Lubricate moving components 

Another key to increasing the lifespan of your unit is to lubricate the parts. This way, the opener faces less stress.

The following parts should be lubricated regularly: 

  • Rollers: Add a drop of engine oil onto your rollers. The mechanism should pull the liquid into the bearings and spread it evenly across the system. Avoid greasing up the rollers to prevent attracting dirt to the tracks.
  • Hinges: You also need to lubricate your hinges – the parts holding the panels in place. Most people use spray lubricants, such as WD-40. Apply the substance and use a cloth to remove any excess. 
  • Screw or chain: Finally, lubricate the opener’s screw or chain with WD-40 to help your opener work more smoothly. 

Before lubricating these parts, check your manufacturer’s manual. It may recommend specific oils and methods. Additionally, you may find out there’s no need to lubricate certain components.

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