Top 7 Interesting Facts About Garage Doors

Did you know these facts about garage doors?

When you take a look at your garage door, the only thing that probably comes to mind is how to maintain it properly. As a result, you may often hire one of Poway, CA’s leading specialists in garage door opener repairs to help restore the unit to its former glory. You might also repaint it frequently to increase the curb appeal of your place.

But is there anything else to this convenient structure besides upkeep? There is, and you’re about to find out a bunch of unknown facts about it. Keep reading for 7 interesting details about garage doors!

Did you know these facts about garage doors? 

There are many well-known facts about garage doors. For instance, you can paint them in many colors, such as white, and you can make them safer for your pets by testing the motion sensors.

But like any other curious homeowners, you want to learn more. You can start by reading through the following details: 

It’s a French term 

The French equivalent for the word garage is garer, which means a place for keeping horses. At first, some of these structures didn’t even have doors. There were only three walls that served as carriage houses and stables.

You open your door 1,500 times a year

Most homeowners open and close their garage doors 3-5 times a day. This amounts to around 1,500 times every year. It’s a heavy burden, and it gets even heavier if you use the unit intensively.

Early garage doors resembled traditional barn doors 

The original garage door was similar to traditional barn doors. It swung when opened, causing many problems. Primarily, the structures were more susceptible to wear and tear, resulting in creaking hinges and bent screws. Eventually, the components fell out.

It was particularly tough for people in snowy regions. They had to shovel snow away from their garage doors to get them open.

The average lifespan of torsion springs is 9-10 years 

In most cases, the torsion springs of your garage door last 9-10 years. Assuming you use it 1,500 times a year, this means it can give you about 15,000 openings. If you’ve gone past this number, consider having the unit inspected by garage door specialists. 

Most homeowners enter their houses through the garage door 

About 60% of all homeowners use the garage door to enter their home. If you’re one of them, you need to make sure your unit is reliable. Otherwise, getting in and out of your home can be challenging.

Garage doors drastically increase curb appeal

Potential buyers form their first impressions about your house within just a few seconds. The first thing they see is the exterior. Therefore, it’s no wonder replacing your garage door was ranked several times as the home improvement project with the highest return on investment.

A robust door can shield your home from extreme weather

Hurricane damage is most evident outside your house. However, it becomes much more severe if the wind blows off your door and allows debris to fly in. Various objects can deform or dent valuable possessions. 

Installing a durable garage door can prevent this. Units made of galvanized steel and other sturdy materials help prevent high winds from causing massive damage. 

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Need help with your garage door?

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