Top Tips for Operating a Garage Door During a Power Outage

How much do you know about operating a garage door properly while the power is out? While you can always reach out to trusted experts in garage door repair in La Mesa, CA, knowing a few useful tricks can go a long way in maintaining its optimal functionality and durability. 

If the power goes out, you should know how to open or close your door properly. This will help you secure the garage door and space and avoid any possible damage or problem such as your garage door coming off the tracks

Can you open a garage door without power from the outside?Can you open a garage door without power from the outside

Imagine coming back home after a long day at work only to find yourself locked outside your garage because the power is out. Leaving your car outside in the driveway may not be the safest option, so how are you supposed to enter your garage from the outside? 

Of course, reaching out to garage door specialists who offer emergency services is a convenient solution. However, some homeowners may want to know what they can do on their own if they cannot wait for the pros.

While it’s still highly recommended that you reach out to professionals, especially if you have no experience in the field, you should follow these steps to open your garage door from the outside:

  1. Locate the emergency release kit. Typically, all doors have an emergency release kit with a lock on the outside. 
  2. Trigger the release mechanism. You can do this by turning the key and pulling out the lock tumbler. This will activate the manual mode. 
  3. Open the garage door. You need to pull the door straight up and make sure it will stay in place before entering the garage. 
  4. Re-engage the mechanism. Afterward, you need to re-active the release mechanism. You can do this by pushing the lever upward or pulling the release cord. 

How do I manually lock my garage door when the power is out?

Another important trick to know is what you can do if your garage door is open and the power suddenly goes out. You shouldn’t just leave it open as this will make your home and belongings easily accessible to possible burglars. 

Therefore, it’s highly advisable that you take the necessary steps to close and lock your garage door. You can do this in the following way: 

  • Unplug the garage door opener. This is the first step that you shouldn’t skip. 
  • Pull the emergency release cord down. This will allow your garage door to come down. 
  • Bring the door down. Gently pull the door toward the ground until it’s completely closed. 
  • Take a C-clamp. Place and tighten the clamp on top of the roller to lock the door in the closed position. 
  • Release the clamp. You should do this after the power comes back and then plug in your opener.

How do I manually lock my garage door when the power is outThese steps can be quite useful if your garage door doesn’t have a manual lock that you can use during a power outage. Just make sure to follow them carefully and ensure there’s no one around the door when operating it. 

Once again, it’s important to mention that you should call garage door specialists if you have absolutely no experience at this type of work or suspect that there might be something wrong with your garage door system.

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