How to Prepare for Garage Door Installation

How do I prepare to install a garage door?

Many people think hiring a garage door installation service in Santee is the first step in mounting their new unit. However, it should be the last one. Careful preparation should precede it to help ensure the process goes smoothly. But how exactly do you get ready for the job? 

You’re about to find out! We’ll list 4 simple tips to prepare for your garage door installation – read on to learn more! 

How do I prepare to install a garage door? Book the top-tier garage door installation service in Santee for amazing results!

Preparation is key to a successful installation, and you should keep it in mind when choosing your garage door. Whether you need a model with robust insulation or some advanced features, it helps protect your investment from premature failure. 

Here’s how you should set the stage for your mounting:

Clear the garage 

The most important move is to clear your garage of any vehicles. Park them away from the area, so the installers can operate without interruptions. It mustn’t prevent the technicians from accessing the garage freely. This way, you’ll help the professionals work faster and eliminate the risk of damage to your four-wheeler. 

Besides removing vehicles, you should do the same with your equipment. The list includes yard tools, garbage cans, sports gear, and other items. Move them to the back of your garage where they won’t get in the way of the installation.

Determine the wall console placement 

You need to tell the installers where you’d like to have your new keyless entry pad or wall console. The standard mounting position is beside the personnel gateway that leads to the garage.

Exterior keyless entry pads are normally attached to the left of your garage door jamb, about five feet from the ground. If you want a special position, consult your installer to make sure the controls are installed in the right place.

Keep children and pets out of the way 

Kids should be kept away from the garage door installation area. Your young ones may be curious, and the professionals may be friendly, but don’t forget that they’re on a tight schedule. They also need to be sure the place is safe for the residents and themselves. Therefore, don’t let your kids distract them during the process.

Do the same with your pets. They need to be somewhere safe until the technicians mount the door. If necessary, take them for a walk or confine them to a different room to keep them from roaming around the garage. Even if they’re friendly, contractors can easily trip over them, or they may find something to chew on, which can jeopardize everyone near the component.

Plan for remote control programming 

Many vehicles have an integrated remote control for their garage door. If your car has one, too, make sure your ride is available during the installation. Seasoned technicians should be able to program the device for the new unit. This prevents additional costs you’d incur by hiring the professionals for another service. 

Book the top-tier garage door installation service in Santee for amazing results! 

A garage door consists of numerous moving parts. Mounting your unit incorrectly can easily launch a component or two toward you, causing injuries and making your garage in Santee unsafe to use.

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