4 Common Mistakes With Garage Door Installation

What’s the best Santee garage door installation service around? You’ve just found it!

Replacing your garage door is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. The only way to make sure the new model serves you great is to schedule a dependable Santee garage door installation service.

However, you might feel you can do the work on your own, but you still need some guidance. You’ve come to the right place for some sound advice! We’re about to list the 4 most common mistakes during garage door installation. Keep reading to find out what you should avoid.

What mistakes should I avoid during garage door installation? What mistakes should I avoid during garage door installation?

A lot can go wrong during the mounting process, regardless of the material of your garage door. Fortunately, you can do many things to make the model you’ve selected fit in with the rest of your garage. Avoiding the following mistakes is one of them:

Not reading the manual 

Most garage doors come with detailed installation instructions. While they can be confusing, they contain all the information necessary to mount your unit correctly. You may not notice a problem immediately if you ignore the guidelines, but your investment will malfunction sooner or later.

Using improper tools 

You can’t mount a garage door with just any equipment. It prevents you from connecting all the parts and operating the unit safely.

Some of the tools you’ll need include: 

  • Level 
  • Cordless drill 
  • Socket set 
  • Stepladder 
  • Adjustable wrench

More gear may be necessary, which is another reason you should check the manual.

Mounting wrong fasteners 

There are several types of fasteners. People most commonly use nails for their home improvement projects. The reason is simple – they’re cheaper and easier to use than screws. However, they’re not the right fit for your garage door. 

Instead, use lag screws. These sturdy items are superior to nails because they let you connect heavy components that bear the load. Since 2-car doors usually weigh more than 200 pounds, you’ll need something tough to keep the unit together. 

You can save a few bucks on installation costs with nails, but you may end up with a broken door. This results in costly repairs down the line.

Installing the opener incorrectly 

Another mistake DIY installations are prone to is attaching the opener in an improper position. If you place it where it doesn’t belong, your door won’t operate correctly. For instance, many people mount their opener to either side. This is a serious mistake because it causes the door to twist whenever it opens. 

Your best bet is to place the opener in the center of the opening. This prevents the panels from bending and allows you to raise the door without a hitch. If you have torsion springs, you might be able to mount your opener off-center. Some models allow for this installation, but check your instructions to verify the placement.

What’s the best Santee garage door installation service around? You’ve just found it! 

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