Wood Garage Doors 101: Should You Get a Wood Garage Door?

Are wood garage doors betterWith the average garage door lasting upwards of 30 years, it’s safe to say that booking a San Diego garage door installation isn’t something most people will need to do more than a few times during their lives. 

As a result, people who are in the market for a new garage door are often overwhelmed with the sheer number of high-quality options available. Should you get a sectional or roll-up garage door? Which materials and add-ons are the best and what color should you pick

In order to help you make a sound investment, we prepared a brief guide on wood garage doors. Keep reading to learn more.

Are wood garage doors better?

Wood is one of the most popular garage door materials in the world. Not only do they look great and are very customizable, they’re also made piece by piece and can therefore be specifically designed to fit your property. 

Here are the main advantages of wood garage doors:

They look great

Wood doors are unrivalled when it comes to how natural, authentic, and beautiful they look. Since they can be made using different types of wood and come in a variety of different designs (traditional, contemporary, carriage, etc.) they can be made to seamlessly fit in every home. 

They’re extremely customizable

Are you looking for a garage door that perfectly fits the old-timey aesthetic of your Islenair home? Or maybe your property contains rugged features such as rockeries and logs that you’d like your new door to complement? You can do all that with wood and more. Since wood is so easy to work with, wood garage doors can be custom-made in any way you want. 

They’re dent-proof and easy to fix

Unlike aluminum, vinyl, or steel doors, wood doors aren’t going to become dented if you lean against them or accidentally back your car into them. In addition to increased durability, wood doors are cheaper and easier to repair (at worst, you’ll only have to replace a panel or two).

They’re available at various price ranges

Wood door prices range from mid-price to highly expensive, depending on the type of door and quality of wood used. Regardless of what your budget may be, you should be able to find a wood garage door that fits it. 

What is the best wood for garage doors?

There’s no such thing as the “best” wood for a garage door. Different types of wood appeal to different sensibilities and budgets, and can look better or worse depending on where the door is located. 

The most commonly used types of wood include:

  • Red oak is hard, heavy, sturdy, and almost as affordable as plywood.
  • White oak is like red oak, but its coloring varies from white to light brown.
  • Mahogany is both gorgeous and durable, and is naturally resistant to pests and moisture.
  • Alder offers a gorgeous rustic appearance that perfectly fits a log cabin. 
  • Redwood tends to be more expensive, but has a uniquely beautiful look.
  • Cedar provides superb insulation and soundproofing in addition to excellent durability.
  • Plywood has the advantage of being the cheapest type of wood. 

Where can I schedule a first-rate San Diego garage door installation?

What is the best wood for garage doorsReplacing or updating a garage door is a major home improvement and as such should only be entrusted to a reputable garage door contractor like Dlouhy Doors. With a tradition of more than 40 years and an extensive list of satisfied customers, we can proudly call ourselves the top provider of garage door services in San Diego.

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