Should You Get a New Garage Door or Repair the Old One?

Most people don’t want to invest in a garage door installation in San Diego unless they have a good reason to do so. After all, why get a brand new garage door if the one you already own is still functional, or has only suffered minor damage? 

Although the above isn’t necessarily wrong, sometimes replacing the garage door makes more financial sense even if the old door hasn’t broken down yet. Keep reading to learn why.

Is a new garage door a good investment?

Do garage doors increase home valueIf your property doesn’t currently have a garage door, or the garage door it has is old or non-functional, installing a new one is almost always an excellent investment. Modern garage doors not only look great and work better, but they’re also more secure and energy-efficient. 

However, if you already have a garage door, but it’s acting up in some way or the specific type of garage door you have is no longer meeting your needs, it may still be possible to solve the problem without replacing the entire door. 

Here’s what you need to consider: 


If properly maintained, a garage door should last about 30 years. The automatic opener system isn’t as sturdy, but it should still last up to 10-12 years. If your door is older than 30 years, or nearing that age, you’re probably better off replacing it with a newer model. 

Furthermore, your old door probably lacks crucial safety and quality-of-life features that are the norm in modern garage doors. If these features appeal to you, it may be worthwhile to replace the door even if it’s not at the end of its life. 


Vehicular accidents, harsh weather, break-in attempts, catastrophic malfunctions, vandalism, and other unfortunate events can all cause your garage door to become damaged. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs may or may not be possible. 

For instance, if two or more of the panels that make up your garage door have been completely wrecked, it’s probably wiser to replace the entire door than to try to find new wooden garage door panels that have the same color as your old ones. 

Wear and tear

Even if your garage door was top-of-the-line when you bought it, years of daily use and exposure to the elements will eventually wear it down and cause it to break down in some way. This is called “normal wear and tear”. 

A garage door that shows signs of wear and tear isn’t necessarily fit for the scrap heap. Contact a reputable garage door contractor that can examine your door and recommend the most cost-effective course of action. 

Do garage doors increase home value?

And how! A new garage door basically pays for itself by providing the second highest return on investment (ROI) of all house improvements. On top of that, a new garage door boosts the value of your house by up to 4%. In other words, a $2000 garage door can add almost $8000 to the value of a $200,000 property! 

At the same time, an old or damaged garage door can actually decrease your property value by reducing your curb appeal. 

Where can I book premium garage door installation services in San Diego?

Is a new garage door a good investmentYour garage door repair and installation is too important to be entrusted to an inexperienced or improperly equipped crew. After all, the last thing you want is for your expensive new door to fail within a few months or come crashing down on whatever or whoever is underneath it. 

Here at Dlouhy Doors, we boast over 40 years of industry presence and a lightning-fast emergency service that can quickly show up at your property regardless of whether you’re located in Webster or all the way in the suburbs. Contact us today.