What Should You Know About Garage Door Sensors?

Garage door systems are quite complex, consisting of a wide set of components. However, not many homeowners know much about some less-known elements such as sensors. Yet, sensors are an important element of garage doors, so learning a few things about them can help you stay alert and prevent possible malfunctions.

Of course, if you notice that your garage door sensors or some other components have broken down, you should schedule dependable garage door repair service with trusted experts in La Mesa or some other area. They will inspect your door and suggest an appropriate solution, restoring your garage door to its former condition.

However, take some time to learn a few things about garage door sensors and their importance.

What is a garage door safety sensor?

Garage door sensors are a safety feature and an essential component of garage doors. In fact, most of the automatic garage doors are required to have these elements since 1993. Their main function is detecting possible obstructions upon closing a garage door.

What is a garage door safety sensor

Thus, if you’re trying to close your garage door and the sensors detect any type of obstruction, they will prevent you from closing the door. This way, the sensors ensure your safety and help you avoid any damage to your property.

In general, these sensors can detect the following types of obstructions:

  • Accidental obstructions typically entail physical obstacles such as trashcans, boxes, toys, or other items. However, dust or dirt on the sensors may also be interpreted as obstructions.
  • Improper sensor positioning can also prevent your sensors from operating properly. If the alignment and placement height aren’t properly adjusted, the sensors will have an interrupted beam of infrared light, which will be interpreted as an obstruction.
  • Damage to the photo-eye lens may also prevent the sensors from functioning properly and, thus, operate as if there were obstructions.

Are all garage door sensors the same?

In general, sensors are produced by the same manufacturers that produce garage door openers. This means that most openers have different sensors unless they were made by the same manufacturer.

However, garage door sensors are typically a universal feature that may be compatible with different garage door openers. Nonetheless, it’s always better to let your trusted garage door provider check the sensors and the opener and then suggest the best option for your system.

How do I know if my garage door sensor is bad?

If you believe that your garage door sensors have broken down, there are a few ways to check if there’s a certain problem with their operation. Here are a few steps you should follow:How do I know if my garage door sensor is bad

  • Check the path. This is the first thing you should check if your sensors aren’t functioning properly. There may not be any kind of problem, but simply an obstruction in their path. If there are any objects, clear them out and then try closing the door.
  • Reconnect the power supply. Sensors typically have small LED lights that should be turned on. If the lights in one or both of the sensors are turned off, it means that they don’t have power. In this case, try reconnecting the power supply.
  • Clean the sensor lenses. As already mentioned, sensors may stop functioning properly if they’re dirty. Clean them from dust and dirt and test if they’re working.
  • Dry out the moisture. If there’s moisture around the sensors, it may be the cause of the malfunction. So, if you’re garage door sensors have been exposed to any kind of moisture, dry them out and check if they’ll work.
  • Inspect for damage. Physical damage can also cause the sensors to stop working. Normal wear and tear may also be the cause of the problem. See if there’s any damage and then contact the pros for a replacement.

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