How to Choose the Right Springs for Your Garage Door

Where do I find top-rated garage door springs repair specialists in La Mesa

When you take a look at your garage door, you might think there’s not much to it but the panels. However, the reality is entirely the opposite. 

It consists of numerous parts, and the springs might be the most important components. These convenient pieces enable the door to move properly. It also prevents imbalances that can harm the structure. In case of malfunction, you’d require a top-rated contractor for garage door springs repairs in La Mesa. 

Therefore, these garage door parts are indispensable, but you can’t install just any model. You need to find a suitable product, and you’re about to find out how to do it. Read on for some valuable tips!

How do I know what spring to get for my garage door?  

When finding proper components, you need to consider several factors. For instance, when checking out well-made, durable torsion springs, you need to select the appropriate size to ensure your garage door lasts longer

Although size is a critical aspect, it’s not the only thing you should take into account. Here’s an in-depth buyer’s guide that will help you determine the right model for your door:

  • Check the size of the wire

The size of the wire tells you how big your spring needs to be. In most cases, it should be between 10 and 20 coils. 

Once you obtain the measurement, use online size charts to figure out which spring you need to buy. 

  • Measure the interior diameter 

The interior diameter of most garage doors is indicated with springs above the door and is measured to the closest 1/6 inch. 

To perform the measurement, remove your springs. This is a hazardous job, so your best bet is to hire professionals. They’ll tell you what the diameter needs to be so that your new spring is a tight fit and produces enough torque. 

  • Determine the length 

The length is another crucial aspect you need to determine since it dictates the winding capacity of your new springs. It’s measured from one end to the other to the closest 1/4 inch. Make sure not to get springs that are too short since they can prevent your door from opening. 

  • Establish the wind direction 

Before buying your new components, be sure to determine the wind direction of your current model. It tells you whether you need a left-wound, right-wound, or both types of springs. 

To check your wind direction, open the door and locate two springs placed in the middle. Look at the ends of your springs. If they point clockwise, they’re left-wound. If they point counterclockwise, they’re right-wound. 

  • Check the color code 

Even though measuring various spring dimensions help you choose the right model, there’s an easier way to determine the ideal item. Namely, you can check their color code.

Identify the color strip on your current springs and convey it to your supplier. It’ll tell them all they need to know to identify the model you need. 

How do I know what spring to get for my garage door

Where do I find top-rated garage door springs repair specialists in La Mesa? Just reach out to us!

Replacing vital components of your garage door in your La Mesa home can be a DIY project, but you’d be taking a massive gamble. Improper installation can render the door inefficient or even dangerous, increasing the risk of injuries. Consequently, you may need to spend a lot of money on costly repairs. 

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