Garage Door Extension Springs: What Should I Know About Their Size?

What size garage door extension springs do I need

Extension springs are a popular type of spring used in garage doors. They’re reliable, effective, and don’t require much overhead space since they’re mounted to the side of the door. They’re also cost-efficient, making them perfect for homeowners on a budget. 

Therefore, mounting extension springs can be a wise investment, but you need to consider a key detail before the installation – their size. Choosing models that don’t fit your door renders the entire system inefficient and can even lead to accidents. 

You need to stick to the right size, and your dependable garage door springs repair service in La Mesa will help you do so! You can learn how to perform the necessary measurements and receive a lot of other handy information, so keep reading! 

What size garage door extension springs do I need?  

Extending the lifespan of your garage door and making the most of it requires you to install the right springs. Extension springs may not be as sturdy as torsion springs, but they can still be an excellent choice. 

Naturally, you’ll need to find a product that perfectly suits your door. To do so, you’ll need to consider several measurements: 

  • Length 
  • Wire Diameter
  • Weight of the door
  • Outside Diameter

You’ll need to take all these measurements so that your supplier knows what you need. You’ll find out how to measure them later in this article.  

Do garage door extension springs come in different lengths?

You can find these components in all sorts of lengths. For instance, extension springs for 7-foot garage doors are usually 25 inches long when retracted and 42 inches long when extended. By contrast, 8-foot doors require 28-inch springs when retracted and 48-inch springs when extended. 

That said, the length can vary, so make sure to measure your current springs to find the ideal replacement. 

How do you measure an extension spring?

Finally, let’s see how you can measure your extension springs. Here’s what you need to do for each dimension: 


Close your garage door and unplug the motor. Release the door and lift it manually. 

Once your door is open, place a vice grip beneath the trackwheel at the bottom of the door to keep it from closing. Climb a ladder and measure the length with your tape measure. 


You can check the weight of the door with a standard bathroom scale. Center it in front of the closed door, making sure it’s disconnected from your opener. Hoist the door carefully and slide your scale underneath. Release the door slowly and measure the weight. 

Wire diameter 

Measure the wire diameter with a micrometer in two spots and use the average. This will make your reading more accurate. 

Outside diameter

Measure your outside diameter in the midsection of the springs. To complete this, you can also use a micrometer. 

Do garage door extension springs come in different lengths

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