How to Deal with Garage Door Emergencies?

Whether your garage door cannot open or it suddenly slams down, you need to know how to deal with certain garage door emergencies. The most reliable solution is to book emergency garage door repair in La Mesa with experienced, trusted specialists.

However, what if you’re on your way to work and have no time to wait for experts to fix your garage door? Or, what if you experience a major problem that needs you to act immediately to prevent anyone from getting injured? In these situations, it’s highly advisable you know a few safety precautions and how to react quickly. 

How do you put an emergency release on a garage door?How do you put an emergency release on a garage door

In general, every garage door system has an emergency cord that you can release and reset in the even your garage door completely breaks down and you need to open in manually. However, it’s crucial that you release the emergency cord properly, eliminating any possible risk of injury or damage. You can do this by following these steps: 

  • Make sure your door is closed. When disengaging the garage door, it’s essential that it’s in the down position. Otherwise, your garage door can come crashing down if the springs are broken. If this happens, it can result in injuries and damage to anything beneath the door, including the garage door itself. Do not try to do this if your garage door is open. 
  • Pull the release cord. You will find the emergency red cord hanging from the garage door trolley. This trolley is connected to the garage door opener carriage. Once you pull the emergency cord, it will disconnect the trolley from the opener carriage.
  • Close/open the door manually. The garage door will then slide, allowing you to manually open or close it. You can operate it as you want and then return it to the down position once you’re ready to reattach the emergency cord. 
  • Re-engage the garage door. Put the spring lever in the connected position in which the lever is compressed. You need to pull the emergency cord away from the garage door motor and toward the door. 
  • Connect the opener carriage and trolley. You can reconnect these two components by: 
    • Sliding the door and re-engaging the attachment point;
    • Turning on the garage door opener via the remote, which will reconnect these components automatically.

Either way, you need to hear a click to be sure that the trolley and carriage opener have reconnected and the emergency cord is ready for manual use. However, if you have any concerns or questions, make sure to schedule a professional garage door repair service

Can you open a garage door without power?Can you open a garage door without power

If there’s no power and you need to open your garage door, you will be able to do it manually.  You will achieve this by following the previous steps and disengaging your garage door from the carriage. However, it’s absolutely crucial that you do so in a safe manner, following the previous steps carefully. If needed, make sure to ask someone to help you or reach out to garage door specialists.

Additionally, if your garage door keeps losing power, it may be one of the signs that you need to schedule repair services. The pros will be able to determine the cause of this problem and deal with it efficiently. 

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