7 Ways to Make Your Garage Door Safer

Safety is a constant concern, especially when it comes to your garage door. A broken spring or faulty opener can lead to compromised home security and personal safety. That is why you should be familiar with how to adequately use and maintain your garage doors

There are several tips from experts in garage door springs repair service in Alpine that will help you ensure completely safe and secure garage door operation. 

How do I make my garage door safer?

Here are some useful tips to keep an eye on if you want to make garage doors safer:

1. Check regularly

You should always make sure that your garage door is in good working condition. It’s important to recognize common telltale signs that something might be wrong with your garage door, such as loud noises or trouble opening and closing. 

The best thing you can do for safety purposes is to hire a pro to inspect your garage door on a regular basis. This way they can keep an eye out for any rising issues and fix them before they get worse. This will both prevent more costly repairs down the line, and ensure your garage door abides by the necessary safety standards.

2. Close windows

Another way to improve the security of your garage is by ensuring all windows are covered at night and during the day if no one is going to be home. This makes it more difficult for thieves to enter your house through your garage door. If you’re not using the garage, make sure to keep it locked.

3. Maintain your springs

One of the main causes of accidents when operating your garage door is poorly-maintained springs. The best solution is to immediately replace them if they’re showing signs of wear or damage. A new spring will ensure smooth operations and optimal safety.

4. Use self-closing feature

Don’t forget about the self-closing feature on your garage door. This automatically shuts the garage behind you, which is very helpful for preventing accidents. The last thing anyone wants is to get hurt by something that could have easily been prevented by following the proper garage door maintenance checklist. Also, this will stop you from forgetting to close your garage door and exposing your home to unwanted guests. 

5. Changing garage door springs

Another common mistake people make is choosing to replace or repair their garage door springs on their own. Without ample experience, proper tools, and adequate safety measures, you risk improperly changing the spring, leading to additional malfunctions, while also placing yourself at risk of injury. Always contact professionals to tend to your broken garage door spring. 

6. Install motion-activated floodlight

Another great way to improve the safety of your home is by installing a motion-activated floodlight. It will automatically turn on whenever they detect movement outside, which makes thieves think twice about entering. It’s important that you place the flood lights around other entrances as well so there are no dark areas where burglars can hide.

7. Keep chemicals away

Although it’s good to paint your garage door from time to time, try to keep all chemicals and cleaning products away from the garage. You should store these products in a separate room to avoid any accidents or injuries.

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