Garage Door Openers: What I Need to Know?

The garage door system consists of several key components, each one playing an important role in its smooth operation. Garage door openers are one of these components that enable the unobstructed opening and closing of your garage door. So, it’s important your garage door motor is in excellent condition at all times.

Should you notice any issue with this component, you need to schedule garage door opener service in San Diego as soon as possible. To minimize the risk of major problems, you should also learn more about garage door opener troubleshooting and important aspects of its durability.

Learning a few basic pieces of information about garage door openers will help you maintain their quality and durability.

How long will a garage door opener last

How long will a garage door opener last?

Once you have your garage door installed, you should know how long the garage door opener is expected to last. This will enable you to keep an eye out for possible malfunctions and react to prevent any kind of damage on time.

In general, garage door openers are expected to operate from 10 to 15 years. However, the durability of your garage door opener will depend on several factors, including:

  • Proper maintenance. If you stay on top of garage door opener maintenance, you’ll be able to maximize the durability of your opener. If, however, you don’t schedule regular checks, your opener may wear out faster and you can overlook certain problems.
  • Product quality. Buying a poor garage door opener from an unreliable provider can also lead to the opener breaking down more quickly. Make sure to contact trusted providers who can supply top-level garage door openers and other products.
  • Door balance. If your garage door isn’t properly balanced and has been poorly installed, this may put more pressure on the garage opener, leading to damage sooner than expected.
  • Garage door use. Opening and closing your door several times a day will also affect how long the garage door opener will last. If you don’t use it as much, there’s a chance it may last longer.

How do I know if my garage door opener motor is bad?

If you overlook certain problems with your garage door opener, they may eventually lead to the complete failure of your garage door system. You won’t be able to close or open the door, or, even worse, you may get injured if the door slams down.

So, it’s of the utmost importance that you perform regular inspection checks to see if your garage door opener is in good condition. Here are some signs that your garage door opener might need to be serviced or replaced:

How do I know if my garage door opener motor is bad

  • Your door is moving slowly. If your garage door needs more time to open than usual, this may indicate that there’s a problem with your opener.
  • Your door detaches from the opener. In this situation, your door will fall to the floor with a slam. This is a serious and dangerous situation because it can trap or injure anyone who finds themselves under the door.
  • Your garage door opens intermittently. This is another common sign your garage door opener isn’t functioning properly. This often happens because of the faulty electronics within the opener.
  • Your garage door opener is noisy. If the opener starts to gove out loud noise, you may have to replace the motor altogether.

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