How to Deal With a Broken Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs are the large springs that make it easy for the door to be raised with the garage door opener or even manually, despite weighing in the hundreds of pounds. A door with a faulty or broken spring may get stuck, refuse to rise, suffer further damages, or even come crashing down on whoever or whatever is underneath it. 

If your door has a faulty spring, you should stop using it immediately and contact a trusted garage door repair and installation company in San Diego that has a long track record of providing quality garage door repairs. 

In previous articles, we gave you some tips on how to approach garage door repair, and listed the primary reasons garage door springs fail. Now we’ll give you some pointers on how to identify and deal with a faulty or broken garage door spring. Read on to learn more. 

How do you temporarily fix a broken garage door springHow do you temporarily fix a broken garage door spring?

The function of a garage door spring is to counteract the force of gravity on the garage door. In doing so, the spring makes your door light enough to be easily lifted by the garage door opener, or manually by you. 

In other words, the spring takes on most of the weight of the door itself. This protects the other components from damage and, more importantly, keeps the door from falling down. Due to the high chance of injury, you should never attempt a DIY repair on a garage door with a broken or faulty spring. 

How do I test a garage door spring?

Having your garage door spring fail unexpectedly can be extremely inconvenient, frustrating, and even dangerous. That’s why you should check your springs at least once a month to make sure they’re not damaged or otherwise not working as they should. 

Signs of a faulty or broken garage door spring include:

The door won’t open

A garage door may refuse to open for a variety of reasons, some of which may be spring-related. If this is the case, your best course of action is to have the door examined by professional garage door technicians. 

Damaged or worn components

Take a close look at every part of your door. Even if the spring appears to be in a great condition, damage to other components may place more stress on it, resulting in the spring eventually breaking or otherwise failing. 

If the spring itself is visibly worn out, or it has become elongated or separated, that’s a clear sign that the spring is faulty and needs to be replaced. 

Can you open it manually?

If you’re able to open the garage door manually without any issues, the springs are most likely in good working condition. If the door is very hard to lift or refuses to stay open, that probably indicates a problem with the springs. 

How do I test a garage door springWhere in San Diego can I book top quality garage door repairs?

Modern garage doors can fail in many different ways, some of which may result in severe injury or costly damages. To avoid putting yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings at risk, you should always have your garage doors installed and repaired by a reputable garage door company like Dlouhy Doors.

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